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An acoustic installation for seventeen musicians, recorded at the Gallery at 333 Midland in Highland Park, MI.

The second of Regenerate! Music's online concerts, "grow|thaw" presents immersive and energizing soundscapes evocative of spring.

grow|thaw features some of Southeast Michigan's most creative and innovative performers ; filmed and audio recorded in 333 Midland's luminous Annex Gallery.

A structure originally conceived by J. Clay Gonzalez and Nadine Dyskant-Miller, "grow|thaw" is part flute concerto, part meditation, part sculpture, and part ritual. Spring is a season of both rising and tumult, two states our performers poignantly embody through this performance. As you tune in on the evening of the equinox, we hope this music opens you to the chaos and beauty of this tempestuous season.

Justine Sedky, flute solo.

Celia van den Bogert and Hannah Stater on harp.

Kaleigh Wilder and Eric Schweitzer on bari sax.

Betsy Soukup and Ben Willis on bass.

Sofia Carbonara and Jacob Rogers on vibes.

Kirsten Carey and Max Bowen on guitar.

Joined by performers Lyd de Leeuw, Meg Roher, Alfredo Cabrera, Ana Gomulka, Shannon Nicole Nulf, J. Clay Gonzalez and Carver Rakov.

Filmed by Stuart Dobson and Lara Granley.

Recorded by Geoff Brown.

Structure by J. Clay Gonzalez.

Power in Numbers




The Annex Gallery at 333 Midland


Project Gallery

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