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breathe with the wind

A virtual concert featuring four Ann Arbor composers; Grey Grant, Alfredo Cabrera, Akari Komura, and J. Clay Gonzalez. Recorded at Ziggy's Bar in Ypsilanti.

For this third installment of the Regenerate! Orchestra's virtual series, we feature the work of four composers whose music captures the chaos, power, and beauty of nature's elemental forces.

Akari Komura's most recent work, "Breathe With the Wind," is not a performance, but a sound ceremony. Through her illustrated prose score, she invites performers to meditate on the fundamental elements of the natural world-- and channel their energies into sound.

Grey Grant's "for the cliffsides carved by lakes, for the lakes carved long ago," depicts the relentless power of water as it shapes a landscape over time.

Alfredo Cabrera's "Overcast Moonlight" immerses the listener in clouds and subdued luminance. Cabrera's poetry, both vibrant and serene, floats in and out of a shimmering soundscape.

J. Clay Gonzalez's "the sun warms everything," compares the light of the sun to love. It warms us, even when it's far away.

These four episodes are realized by some of SE Michigan's most skilled and spirited performers. All music was recorded and filmed at Ziggy's, a beautiful venue in Ypsilanti that has nurtured and celebrated the area's music community for years.

Emelyn Bashour • Nathaniel Cornell• Meg Rohrer • Wesley Hornpetrie • Alfredo Cabrera • Horner Porter • Jimmy Stagnitti • Emily Salgado • Ancel Neeley • Justine Sedky • Peter Formanek • Eric Schweitzer • Kaleigh Wilder • Neal Anderson • Zara Teicher • Ben Willis • Betsy Soukup • Jon Taylor • Cory Tripathy • Shannon Nulf • Grey Grant • Kirsten Carey • Jonathan Thomas • Jon Fontan • Max Braun • Keenan Bakowski • Geoff Brown • Peter Littlejohn • Stuart Dobson • Luke Atzinger • Delaney Cavanagh

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Ziggy's bar in Ypsilanti, MI


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