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awakening, debt

An immersive meditation on death and resurrection. Arrangements of folks songs for sax quartet.

Filmed at the beautiful Brewery Faisan in Detroit! awakening, the Regenerate! Orchestra returns with an earthy new immersion!

Regenerate, a new experimental orchestra in Southeast Michigan, presents an evening of folk music arranged for saxophone. Visceral, solemn, whimsical, this show upends expectations for what a concert should look, sound, and feel like. Through folk song, poetry, Fluxus, loose change, and high fashion, "awakening, debt" invites viewers to contemplate death in new and oblique ways.

A garden will be planted on stage and then removed. Dimes will tinkle on the ground. Kate von Bernthal will perform assorted sounds on sax and sing the ballad "Barbara Allen.” There will be an exhibition of bi-color dresses.

"awakening, debt" was stitched together over two years with significant contributions by J. Clay Gonzalez, Kate von Bernthal, Nadine Dyskant-Miller, Peter Littlejohn, and Corey Smith. Costume design by Maria Paterno, with Kirsten Carey, Maddy Wildman, Eric Sweitzer, Kaleigh Wilder, and BethAnne Kurnet joining in performance. All made possible by some awesome audio work by Peter Littlejohn!

Power in Numbers




Brewery Faisan, Detroit


Project Gallery

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